Wild Wild Country Netflix  E/M

Nights & Weekends Music for Weekends M

Marco Benevento   Tigerface E/M

Kate Nash   Girltalk P/E/M

Karen O and the Kids   Where the Wild Things Are P/E/M

Liars  Sisterworld P/E/M  WIXIW M

Warpaint     The Fool    P/E/M

Jon Brion  Meaningless Punchdrunk Love I Heart Huckabees

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind    E/M

Fiona Apple Extraordinary Machine E When the Pawn G/B/K

Beck  Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime E

Brad Mehldau   Largo  E

Sean Lennon    Friendly Fire  E/M

Kanye West    Late Registration  E

Silversun Pickups  Carnavas  E

Elliott Smith    From a Basement on a Hill  E

Rubblebucket   Save Charlie    P/E/M

EFG   Thru the Future  P/E/M

Grant Lee Phillips   Ladies Love Oracle  E

Wet & Reckless 

Evangalista Carla Bozulich   M

T.O.L.D.   P/E

The Shackeltons   P/E/M

Matt Chamberlain

Abbey Quinn

Branden Daniel and The Chics   Keep 'em Flying  P/E/M

Evan Dando   Baby I'm Bored   E

Jordie Lane   Fool For Love   P/E/M/B

Rhett Miller  The Instigator   E

Benevento-Russo Duo   Play Pause  Stop  CoP/E/M

Iva Dawn

The Burning of Rome     With Us    P/E

Oh! You Pretty Things

Gomez Whatever's on Your Mind M

Afternoons  P/E/M

Sego   E

A House For Lions  P/E/M

On an On   M

The Polyphonic Spree Love My Way   E

Lyle Workman   Superbad Soundtrack   E

Two Loons For Tea

Chapman & Brocker

Sea Wolf E

Bonzie E

The Hush Sound E/M

Paula Winger  M

Marjorie Fair  E